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   Transportation to Malacca     

                                                                                   Getting to Malacca

Melaka By Bus, By Train, By Taxi, By Boat, By Air

Malacca is located towards the Southern-West of Peninsular Malaysia, roughly 150 km away from Kuala Lumpur . There are a few ways to get there, but flying is not an option as there are no airports in Malacca. You'll have to go through either the Kuala Lumpur International Airport or Johor Bahru Airport first if you're coming from overseas. Other than that, travel is convenient through bus or taxi.

   By Bus
Peringgit Bus Terminal

Travelling by bus is the mode of transportation favoured by most people as there are many bus companies making quite a few trips at different times to various destinations in Malaysia every day. Moreover, it is relatively cheaper than driving.

From Puduraya Bus Station in Kuala Lumpur, you can choose from several operators to ride a bus down to Malacca. Bookings can be made very easily, usually on the day itself. But it is still rather risky to try to get tickets a few hours before your scheduled departure and passengers are advised to book their tickets at least a day before.

                                                                                Kuala Lumpur - Melaka(Malacca)
                                                                                  Transnasional Coach Services

                      Destination                            Fare                     Time

Melaka / Singapore via Johor

Adult: Melaka/Singapore RM8.50 to RM11.00
Child: Melaka/Singapore RM4.30 to RM5.50 To Johor the costs are slightly less.

8 am to 6 pm. (hourly)

Melaka / Seremban (Express)

                                 Adult: RM2.85-RM3.40
                                 Child: RM1.45-RM1.70

      7 am to 7.30 pm              (hourly)
Melaka / Ipoh / Taiping and Butterworth (Express National)   Prices vary according to disytance travelled. They start at   RM13 to RM21.40 for adults and slightly less for children.   9 am and 10 am daily
Melaka / Segamat / Kuantan (Cepat Express)                                  Adult: RM5 and RM11
      Child: RM2.50 and RM5.50 depending on the distance                                         travelled.
 8.30 am and 2 pm daily
Melaka / Kuala Terengganu / Kota Bahru

                                 Adult:RM19 - RM29
        Child: RM9.50 - RM15 depending on distance                                        travelled                             

7.30 pm ONLY

Please Note: Changes to fares and time schedules are at the discretion of the bus/coach operators. The time schedule and fares provided by acts only as a guide. Please contact the operators for most updated information.

   By Train

Riding the railway is probably the slowest mode of transportation to Malacca but it is also the most relaxing and scenic. While on the train, you can admire the rural countryside at a pleasant pace. However, the train does not stop at Malacca City as it does not have a station; the nearest one is at Tampin, about 38 kilometres to the north of Malacca City. Not to worry though, there are buses and the ever-ready taxis at your disposal to get you to town. Call the Tampin railway station at this number: +6 (0)6 441 1034 if you'll like to find out more information.

   By Taxi

Taxi drivers are always ready to take prospective passengers on long distance trips, provided they make enough for the return trip and their efforts. The taxi station in Malacca is just opposite the local bus station. It is unlikely that a taxi will leave for an outstation destination without having a full load of passengers, so the best option if you want to go by taxi would be to hire the whole vehicle. True, it costs much, much more than the buses but it is also lots more convenient and comfortable and certainly, you will have more privacy than traveling on a bus.
For more information on taxi services (air-conditioned ) to major city destinations, please call: +606.284.7163

And you can rent a car from operators in Kuala Lumpur and pay a deposit besides the daily rates. Utterly convenient, having your own ride means you are the master of your own schedule in Malacca. From Kuala Lumpur, just follow the signboards on the North-South Highway towards Seremban and then Malacca to get there. Traffic in Malacca is relatively easy compared to Penang or Kuala Lumpur but be warned that there are many one-way roads.

   By Road (motoring)

Transportaton to Malacca by RoadBy Road (motoring) Melaka's roads are excellent and driving around is a leisurely experience. The road network covers 797km (495 miles) in an area of about 1,659 sq km (649 sq miles). Melaka has one of the highest road mileage per sq mile in the Federation of Malaysia.

To drive on the road, you are required to have an international driving permit or a valid driving license issued by the government of any nation party to the Geneva Convention 1926 and 1949.

All roads in Malaysia are left-hand drive. On the highways, you can only stop your car on the shoulder of the road. Recommended speed limits: flat areas - 80 to 100km/hour (50 to 62 miles/hour); hilly areas - 60 to 80km/hour (37 to 50 miles/hour); mountainous areas - 40 to 60 km/hour (25 to 37 miles/hour). At roundabouts or circuses, the driver on the right has the right of way. International traffic signs are used. The road signs in the national language include:


Service Operator
                                       Contact No.
Anna Rent A Car                                       +606.283.5626
Avis Rent A Car                                       +606.284.6710
Hawk Rent A Car                                       +606.283.7878
Shamus Car Rental                                       +606.281.7710

          Limousine Services

Service Operator
                                     Contact No.
Auto Route Travel                                      06-282 3776

   By boat
Transportation to Malacca by Boat
Daily ferries run to and from Dumai and Pekanbaru in Sumatra, Indonesia. All ferries leave from theHarbourMaster's jetty (Jeti Shahbandar) at Taman Melaka Raya near the Maritime Museum. Malacca Town Bus No. 17 (Green) goes near the Harbour Master's jetty which is just down the road from the Red Square.

   From Dumai

   ** At least two ferries daily. Operated by Tunas Rupat Follow Me Express. Tel: +60-6-2832506, +60-6-2832516 in Melaka,        +62-765-31398 in Dumai.

   From Pekanbaru

   **At least one ferry daily. Operated by Tunas Rupat Follow Me Express. Tel: +60-6-2832506, +60-6-2832516 in Melaka,        +62- 761-858-777 in Pekanbaru

   By Air

Air The Melaka (Malacca) Airport is situated about 9 km from the city. It has a small landing strip and caters only to smaller aircraft such as the Fokker Friendship. Every Friday, there is a flight to Pekan Baru, Sumatra. There are also regular air services between Melaka and Singapore and Melaka and Ipoh. From the city, you can get to the airport by taxi or bus.



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