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Langkawi Transport

 Getting around the country poses little difficulty. There are various modes of travel - air, rail, or road. Each mode is efficient,  convenient, and affordable.

 More Malaysians are now utilizing the North-South Expressway, which stretches from Johor Bahru at the southern tip of the  peninsular all the way up to the Thai border in the North.

This may not be the Orient Express of old, but KTM or the Malaysian Railway provides a charm and romance of its own to anyone who chooses to travel this way. KTM has a number of travel plans for both domestic and foreign tourists. It would be a good idea  to check with the railway authorities on what these travel plans are and how you can get the best out of them. The railway runs all  the way into Singapore in the south and to Padang Besar in the north, at the Thai-Malaysian border. There is also an eastern link  that takes you to the East Coast states of the Peninsula. For train ticket booking, please logon to

The national airline, Malaysia Airlines (MAS) provides an excellent domestic link to all the major towns and cities in the country.  Kuala Lumpur is the hub, from which you could head off to Penang, Langkawi, Alor Setar, Ipoh, Kota Baru, Kuala Terengganu,  Kuantan, and Johor Bahru. These are the major towns in the Peninsula. The two eastern capitals of Kuching (Sarawak) and Kota  Kinabalu (Sabah) are also served on a daily basis by MAS. Other flights would take you to Labuan, Tawau, and Sandakan.

Taxi service is another good way to travel overland in the country. Usually there are taxi stands that take you to your destinations  like Melaka, Johor Bahru or even to Penang. You could in fact get a taxi ride to any part of the country. But remember that the law  allows for four passengers and that you only pay your share of the ride. Hence, there is no need to hire the whole taxi.

There are regular bus services to almost every part of the country. You could easily take an express bus into Singapore or Thailand. These buses are usually air-conditioned and run on express service. Regular routes are plied and they stay very much on schedule. They are efficient and quite convenient. For bus ticket booking, please logon to

Several car-hire services are available, even international ones like Avis. This means that you can hire a car in one city and self-drive it to another and leave the car at a pre-designated stop. Usual car rental formalities apply. You need an excellent road map, an international driving license, and insurance. Payment by major credit cards is also accepted by most companies. Your travel agent or the hotel could provide you with the details.

Some of the country's islands are served by ferries. Langkawi, for instance, is a good example. There are two places where you can take the ferries: Kuala Perlis or Kuala Kedah. Another resort island that is serviced by a ferry is Pangkor. You begin your journey  at Lumut. Another is the Mersing-Tioman Island ferry service. Although most people prefer to use the Penang Bridge these days,  there remains a 24 hour ferry service from Butterwoth to Penang island.

International and local flights
   By Air 
   Langkawi has its own international airport that has flights from Phuket, Singapore, Germany and other foreign destinations as  well as local flights on a daily basis.
    The airport at Padang Mat Sirat is about 20 km from Kuah and 14 km from the beach resorts in Pantai Cenang. Malaysia Airlines  and Pelangi Air operate daily flights between Kuala Lumpur and Langkawi (direct) and via Penang.

   Departure tax RM 45.00 per person is levied on passengers leaving Malaysia on international flights (inclusive of Singapore and  Brunei). RM 6.00 per person is levied on passengers/take off on domestic  flights.

Flight to/from

Cost (RM)

Langkawi / Kuala Lumpur 135
Langkawi / Singapore 333
Langkawi / Johor Bahru 199
Langkawi / Penang 51
Langkawi / Phuket 154

    NOTE: prices may differ slightly from the above as at the time of writing these costs are being reviewed.

   By Train

    There is a commonly used train service, Express Langkawi, which services Kuala Lumpur to Alor Setar (Kedah) or  Arau (Perlis). From Alor Setar or Arau, one can rely on public transportation such buses or taxis that travel to Kuala Kedah and  Kuala Perlis  respectively. Once at Kuala Kedah or Kuala Perlis, one can then travel to Langkawi via the ferry services.


  By Boat


   Ferries departing for Langkawi can be caught at Kuala Perlis, Penang and Pak Bara in  Malaysia as well from Satun in  Thailand.  All ferries departing from Langkawi leave from the ferry  terminal  at Jetty Point just south of Khua town or from the newer  departure point at Teluk Baru jetty  in Pantai Tengah.




TFare (RM)


Kuah / Georgetown (rtn)

8 am-6 pm (hourly) 35 - 45
Kuah / Penang 5.50 pm 35
Penang / Kuah 8 am 35
Butterworth / Teluk Baru (car ferry) noon and 6 pm 50 (mon-thur)
75 (fri-sun)
Teluk Baru / Butterworth (car ferry) 9 am and 3 pm 50 (mon-thur)
75 (fri-sun)
Kuala Perlis / Kuah 6 am - 6 pm (hourly) 35 - 45
Kuah / Kuala Perlis 6 am - 6 pm (hourly) 35 - 45
Pak Bara / Kuah 8.30, noon and 3 pm 45 - 50
Satun / Kuah 9 am, 1 pm and 4 pm 45 - 50

   NOTE: Prices may differ to those published here as they are undergoing restructuring at the time of writing.

   Road transport on Langkawi

Langkawi Taxi

Once on the island, transport can be fairly expensive in comparison with other parts of Malaysia. 
There is a local bus service, that costs very little but buses are few and it is usually easier, though dearer, to hail a passing taxi.  Motorbikes and cars can be hired quite readily and if staying for any length of time, may prove more economical



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